The Blackout Project

Marketing and Digital Audiovisual Entertainment platform founded by Aletxu Echevarría in 2010 specialized in digitizing brands through audiovisual content

The Blackout Project

Address: Barroeta Aldamar 4, Planta 1 Dpto. 10-A. 48001, Bilbao, Bizkaia
Phone: +34 674 036 398 | +34 609 224 929, e-mail:
Contact Person: Alejandro Echevarria

Productions | Projects | Programmes (already produced or developed)
1. Veralia
2. Fair Saturday: Audiovisual dinamization of the openning event.
3. Basque Government Irekia -PCTI : Plan de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación.
4. Brightvibes: Brightvibes is a digital global platform, based in a webportal and app as well, to develop video storytelling through contagious and inspiring stories to generate positive impact. We pretend to inspire others to change the world
5. Movistar+ Reiniciando: Factual programme.
6. Boletus
7. Muchomove
8. Novia Salcedo Fundation : Colaboration between The Blackout and NSF to help the youth.
9. Sherpa Summit TV: Streaming programme about the international event.
10. Bausch + Lomb / Bustamante: Concert in Streaming. You can find the video in our Media Gallery
11. Unikemia: e-learning solutions.

Productions | Projects | Programmes (in progress)
Marketing Association: Strategic communication. digital marketing solutions

Core business: Production and strategic consultant of interactive entertainment and multichannel content to develop Marketing and Communication strategies mainly in new digital platforms and with capacity to produce them.

Other Activities: Entrepreneur and Investor at multichannel interactive audiovisual companies
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